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When my father was living, he resided in a senior independent living high rise on the east end of Richmond. At that time, I wasn’t aware that in these facilities they often had to force residents out of their homes because of cleanliness/safety issues. Our parents tend to enjoy their independence as they get older. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Although this independence is obtainable, It sometimes becomes tedious and a little strained. So basic things such as bending to clean toilet and shower, or reaching to clear a cabinet, or simply sweeping and mopping are very needed but takes a lot out of our elderly. This is why I chose to clean my father’s Kitchen and bath each month, to take away the stress…..and extra quality time with him was an added bonus.

As I came in each time with my cleaning supplies, I attracted much attention from the other residents as well as the management. I was approached by management, who asked if I did this as a business. At that time it was just out of love, but I have since started the business and kept the basic principles of love and care. I assisted a few other residents as needed to get them out of violation mode. I loved the idea of helping others, by doing something I love to do. Cleaning is such a relaxing experience for me. It’s my moment to reflect and empower a sense of calmness. And to know that I am assisting someone else to continue their quality of life was just an added benefit.  I have also been admired for my thoroughness and attention to detail.

So I continued to do what I loved and it has led to other exciting opportunities. I have now expanded the service to not only include senior independent living housing, but to include turnkey services for facilities, Dormitories, and New construction, as well as residential and commercial service. It has been an exciting and wonderful experience that I am glad I ventured out to do.

- Dawn McNeil

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